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Beyond the success of the company, its continued growth, there are always at each employee Cold Services, the imperative need to fully satisfy the customer, whether the needs analysis, the adequacy of solutions

The manufacturers producing products known thermosensitive must integrate production from these and throughout their supply chain strict adherence to the Cold Chain.
This means taking into account the different regulations in the matter of establishing a
specific logistics and equip themselves with tools to measure and control the temperature of the products at each stage.

Cold Services brainchild in 2010 to support food manufacturers and pharmaceutical
their logistics partners in the effective implementation of Supply Chain for their Cold flow in temperatures. In this perspective, we offer a wide range of tools to measure, monitor and control of temperature:
• Temperature recorders
• Thermal covers 
• Coolers / Gel packs (flexible and rigid)
• Ethylene Absorbers
• Safety devices (for containers and trucks)

Col Services

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isothermal packaging

tool or mechanical printing data on paper tape or electronically using a special software that allows to observe and record the temperatures during the manufacturing process, storage and transportation of perishable products.